Your First Visit

At St. Clair Beach Dental Centre, we welcome you and your family to visit us! Our goal is to provide Tecumseh with great dental care, and we'd be happy to help you!

Welcome to St. Clair Beach Dental Centre!

During your first visit, our team will ask you to fill out a New Patient Form and a Medical Form.

We will complete a full oral exam in order to help determine your dental needs and review your past medical and dental history.

Let us help you reach your goals!

We will take the time to understand what you're looking for with your dental treatments. This will help us develop and create a personalized plan to help meet your needs and expectations.

New Patients, St. Clair Beach, Tecumseh Dentist

New Patient Exam

We provide thorough exams for our new patients in the Ridgetown and surrounding area so they can feel comfortable with their dental health.

Our new patient exam allows our dentists to comfortably check the overall health of your mouth and diagnose any potential problems you may have.

Our new patient exam consists of four steps:

  • We examine your face and neck to look for any abnormalities, such as lumps, bumps or swelling.
  • We check inside your mouth to look for problems in the soft tissue. We also check your bite and your jaw joint for any issues.
  • Next we check your gums and jawbone, as they are the foundation for your teeth. We look for signs of gingivitis, gum disease and bone disease.
  • Lastly we examine your teeth,checking for cavities and other problems.We look specifically at any areas where you may have symptoms or concerns.

Our new patient exam is a thorough and comfortable way to ensure a healthy mouth. Contact us for your exam!

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